Our first step is to schedule a consultation with us to discuss the specifics of your lot, what floor plans will fit, and review our program process. After you have chosen a floor plan, exterior, and landscape option you will meet with us again to officially enroll in our program by signing a Letter of Intent. From there, your third appointment will be to select your home finishes with our Design Coordinator. Ultimately, we will sign contract and begin construction on your new home. Download our program checklist here.

Each lot is unique; some lots fit several floor plans while others are more limited. A consultation can be scheduled to discuss the specifics of your lot and potential floor plan fits. We research this information ahead of time to ensure the floor plans abide by city setback requirements as well as neighborhood Conditions, Covenants, and Restrictions (CC&R’s).

We can provide both documents once you have signed a Letter of Intent at your second appointment. This information is confidential, and is given to those who wish to move forward with our program.

That is not something we are able to offer. Our program includes building one of our new floor plans without customization as these are not custom builds. However, you will have every opportunity during your design appointment to tailor your home finishes to your unique style. After the build, you of course are free to make modifications at will.

We have begun construction on several homes in the Coffey Park area. We have the capacity to build 20 homes per month.

There will be a 10-year warranty on the structure of the home, which is a standard warranty in California. The roof will come with a 30-year warranty including 15-year non-prorated coverage and 15-year wind warranty coverage.

Post tension slab foundations offer a variety of benefits for both the contractor and home owner. The time savings allows us to expedite the build process and build homes in a short period of time. The absence of crawl-space below the home helps eliminate standing water under the house, which can increase the risk of mold growth and the need for sump pumps. Additionally, slab foundations can protect the home from termite damage by eliminating access to wooden joists or supports they could chew. Note sewer is the only utility running within the slab; all other utilities run through the walls and overhead for easy maintenance.

We will repair sidewalks and sound walls and remove trees as needed. These details will be discussed in your landscape plan.

For the Craftsman-style, we use a fiber cement siding called HardiePlank. Tuscan-style exteriors are comprised of three layers of sprayed stucco.

Gallaher Homes has partnered with Poppy Bank to create a streamlined, easy, and hassle-free financing solution for homeowners. Our close partnership allows Poppy to know the ins and outs of our program, helping to expedite the process. They offer a one-stop shop for construction and permanent financing loans which are ultimately a greater risk, and can be challenging to find elsewhere at affordable rates. Poppy Bank is dedicated to meeting the stringent disbursement schedule of the contract, eliminating the risk of construction delays due to funding interruptions.

For homeowners looking to utilize their existing lender for their home build, we will require the lender to agree to our General Contractor Lender Requirements, as well as provide verification of total funds. Please connect with our team for more information.

Payment schedule requests will not be reviewed unless they contain the information outlined in the General Contractor Lender Requirements, which can be downloaded here.

In order to build with our program, we require you to have the total amount of the build available to you before we begin construction. We cannot move forward based off of money in your claim that has not yet been paid out. If you are still waiting for insurance proceeds, but would like to start building sooner, you can elect to finance the build until you receive your payout. Poppy Bank offers no pre-payment penalties; homeowners will not be penalized for paying large installments off the loan when received from insurance claims, and interest will only be paid on the remaining money being financed.

When a homeowner has both cash and a loan, it is common practice to consolidate the funds; the homeowner will give their cash to the lender, who will release the funds according to our Home Improvement Construction Contract. Generally, a lender would require this consolidation to disburse the funds as they have an interest in the build.
In the event you do not want to consolidate funds, you may work with your lender to propose another structure in which you both agree to disburse funds. Proposals can be made in writing and sent to the BBSC team for review.

If you have cash to build your home, we do not require that you get financing. The funds covering the total cost of the build will be put into an escrow account at Poppy Bank who will oversee the release of funds and inspections. Poppy Bank has local escrow officers and inspectors who are dedicated to meeting the stringent timeline for the release of funds, eliminating the risk of construction delays due to payment delays.